Lab1886 – We bring ideas to life.

In 1886, Carl Benz and Gottlieb Daimler invented the first automobile. Lab1886 builds upon this heritage and pioneering spirit. As the corporate incubator of Daimler AG, we create innovative business models and digital services at lightning speed. Lab1886 is shaping the future of mobility. We combine the best of both worlds: the power of a global company with the freedom of a start-up.


Volocopter reinvents urban mobility by taking it to the third dimension. With the first manned, fully electric and safe air taxi in the world, the German company aims to resolve the increasing mobility issues in big cities.


With Mercedes me Flexperience customers have the choice of selecting and driving up to twelve new vehicles for a year at a fixed monthly rental rate. It includes insurance, maintenance, repair and tires.


car2go is the world's first free-floating carsharing service. The fleet operates without fixed rental stations. All you need is the app. Best of all: everything from parking to fueling is included.


Simplifying urban mobility: the moovel app shows you how to get to your destination and combines all services in one — search, book and ride all mobility services and transportation options with just one account.


Connecting the world of racing: RACE Scout is powered by AMG and brings together teams and drivers in a global community.

We have locations around the world. Check out Atlanta Berlin Stuttgart Beijing

Located at four innovation hot spots all over the world, Lab1886 is positioned to get things moving: ideating, evaluating and creating digitally-driven solutions with pioneering spirit, start-up culture and creativity.


The rising star of the start-up world, the capital of Georgia is becoming a new tech hot spot — ideal for setting up an innovation lab for digital mobility solutions.

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You want to feel the buzz of the German start-up scene right at its epicenter? No problem! Go ahead and sign up to join our team in the German capital.

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Located in Southern Germany, Stuttgart is the heart of the automotive industry. Join us here and soak up the pioneering spirit of the inventors of the automobile.

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Beijing offers the perfect eco-system for growing businesses. So it’s the obvious choice for Lab1886 in China with close proximity to Daimler.

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This is how we work. Come join us!

Move fast and break things!

Innovation is not a matter of coincidence. It follows a defined plan. Ours is divided into three successive phases: Ideation, Incubation, Commercialization.

1. Ideate

Every innovation process starts with an idea. After it has been validated in-house, it is forwarded to the “shark tank” — an expert panel that decides on how to proceed.

2. Incubate

The selected ideas are tested for feasibility and scalability by our team of innovative minds. In co-creation, they develop new prototypes and set up compelling pilot projects.

3. Commercialize

Projects that have proven to be resilient and viable are commercialized. In this final step, ventures are built and our fledgling products or services are rolled out into the global market.