News28. August - By Moritz Kraus

Lab1886 hosts Startup Autobahn Expo Day in Beijing

  • 10 startups present 12 projects under theme “No Limits!” for Daimler AG departments
  • Expo Day marks final event of acceleration program and open innovation network
  • Chinese branch of Lab1886 operates Startup Autobahn in China

Today, August 28th 2019, Lab1886 hosts the Expo Day of its open innovation platform “Startup Autobahn” in China. This year’s edition of this event will be held in the Shunyifornia theatre, located in the northeast of Beijing. Under the theme “No Limits!”, Startup Autobahn helps uprising startups to connect with companies by incorporating them in a network of innovation, mentorship and acceleration.

At the 2019 Expo Day, 10 startups will present a total of 12 projects, which they worked on and piloted over the course of the past 100 days. The Expo Day marks the final phase of a journey of innovation and acceleration, which started with collecting the demands of business units within Daimler AG, shortlisting them, and finally selecting them, back in March this year. The focus areas of this year’s Startup Autobahn program are AI, Big Data, Advanced Engineering, New Retail and Customer Experience, AR, VR, Fintech as well as Blockchain.

About Startup Autobahn

Startup Autobahn is an open innovation platform created by Lab1886 and initiated by Daimler AG in 2016, currently running in Germany, the US, China, India, Singapore and South Africa. Startup Autobahn was brought to China in 2017 and is hosted by Lab1886. In the spirit of open innovation, proactive empowerment and leadership, Startup Autobahn commits itself to connecting young tech startups and industry giants for co-creation.

At Expo Day in 2019, future unicorns presented new solutions via joint efforts with Daimler business units, covering 6 key innovation areas — AI, Connectivity, New Retail, Customer Experience, Smart Logistics, and Advanced Engineering, exploring the enormous possibilities for future mobility.

15 startups stood out from 109 applicants in the 2018 batch after rounds of selections to tackle the mission of turning idea to product in 100-Day journey. Aside from offering cutting-edge application scenarios in the automobile industry, Startup Autobahn works with global venture capitalists and industry mentors to help shortlisted companies continue to expand through financing resources, market publicity and industry insights.

As of September 2018, 20% of the companies of the 2018 batch have received a new round of funding totaling over 100 million RMB. Since completion of the 2017 batch, the average market value of these alumni have increased three-to five-fold, continuing their contribution to the automobile industry landscape.