The project „Automated Driving in Gated Areas“ was established in close cooperation between Lab1886 and Daimler Trucks. It automates trucks to drive in gated, access-controlled areas without a driver, for example in ports, or production sites. The trucks drive on pre-defined routes, orchestrated by a control software which is designed to make transportation in gated areas a lot more efficient.


The goal of the project is to avoid inefficiencies by making logistic processes more reliable and transparent. The first step in this is to analyze the intralogistical needs of the costumer and to develop a concept how processes can be automated. The trucks are being equipped with technology that allows them to navigate with a very high accuracy, detect obstacles and to communicate with the central control software. A milestone for the project was the 2017 showcase of snowplowing at an airport together with Fraport AG. In 2019, the project will implement the first productive intralogistics system.

The project in 90 seconds

"With the demonstration of automated snow clearance on an airfield...

...we are once more reinforcing our claim to technological leadership.”

"Airfield clearance requires high-precision driving: the Arocs makes it possible."