EXOKNOX is a data management solution. It provides a platform for recording, storing, and connecting physical data of components with their users. The goal is to provide data to the entire development community or authorized user groups. For that, EXOKNOX administers data on the functional properties of technical components and systems. The software connects users jointly with the data in the development process. EXOKNOX provides functionalities such as versioning, automated quality checks as well as the preparation and evaluation of functional data. EXOKNOX is an innovative software on the market that offers a unique set of functionalities.

Michael Baumann, who worked as a calculation engineer in model series and development projects at Daimler AG for 15 years, and his colleague Christoph Böhm founded EXOKNOX. In 2012, they started searching for software that supports the entire functional data process chain in the development process for technical components. 5 Years later, they pitched their idea in the shark tank of Lab1886 and got approved as well as funded by the Daimler board of management. With assistance from Lab1886, all it took was a year and a half to develop the initial idea into a market-ready spin-off. Since January 2019, Michael Baumann has been CEO of his start-up company.

The project in 90 seconds

“A completely new type of tool which makes developing technical components more efficient.”

“Exoknox is one of the examples which demonstrate that the Lab1886 ecosystem works.”

Michael Baumann - from regular Daimler employee to the founder of a new start-up company with Lab1886.

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