With f.l.o.w. we started an initiative to help reduce CO2 emissions in cities with sustainable mobility options. Corporate employees and their different commuting habits are at the center of all f.l.o.w. activities. This is why f.l.o.w. leverages and develops Mobility and New Work options. All measures aim to reduce overall road kilometers that are individually driven. The f.l.o.w. initiative is open to all companies and cities to use and to help shape the mobility impact of commuters.

Offering sustainable mobility for employees. This is the ambition and the purpose of f.l.o.w.

Imagine if companies in a city contributed every day to avoid driving 50.000, 100.000 or even more road kilometers.

  • How would this affect congestion in this city?
  • How many tons of CO2 emissions would be avoided?
  • How much faster would everyone commute between work and home?

All Mobility and NewWork elements contribute to reducing the CO2 footprint and improving traffic flow in cities.

flinc: Ridesharing app for the creation of a trusted commute network resulting in more people in fewer vehicles on city roads. App features include a social marketplace with user-friendly search functions as well as an optional coins collection program and preferred parking solution.

Public transport: Corporate sponsored tickets for the public transport network when there is a high level of particulates air pollution in the Stuttgart area. The electronic ticketing is done via the SSB Flex app powered by moovel.

FlexLocation: Flexible booking of workspaces via app at different Daimler sites allows employees to work in an office setting closer to home.

Mobile Office: The most time and space flexible option for saving commute kilometers is working from home.

Van Shuttle: On-demand ride pooling app reduces both individual car trips and empty rides between different company locations. Implemented as „WerkShuttle powered by ViaVan“ in Bremen.

Wake Up & Ride: Supports employees with special offers to promote e-bikes, e-scooters and bicycles as a healthy and green mobility alternative.

With f.l.o.w. we want to ignite a sustainable mobility (r)evolution that is open to other companies and people.

The f.l.o.w. initiative is neither limited to Daimler nor to certain regions. More participating commuters means a bigger impact! This is why we are inviting more companies, cities, and municipalities to join f.l.o.w. Together we’ll move step by step toward a sustainable mobility (r)evolution.

Are you working for a company or organization and are interested in the f.l.o.w. initiative? Get in touch with us idea[at]lab1886.io! We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you. Let‘s get together for f.l.o.w. – for happy cities and happy people.


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