In Germany only, there are 7.6 million severely handicapped people – 1.8 million of them are using a wheelchair. The goal of Mercedes-Benz Ex-Factory Driving Aids is to provide mobility solutions for Mercedes-Benz costumers with disabilities – tailored to their individual needs. Thus, a comprehensive portfolio of driving aids for a variety of Mercedes-Benz models is available.

Matthias Heil and his team from Lab1886 are working on the internationally available Mercedes-Benz Ex-Factory Driving Aids and the branch Restricted Mobility. Another aspect to enhance mobility is providing reliable accessibility information for points of interest. The Ex-Factory Driving Aids team is currently working on the development of an application to provide such an information to customers or prospects.

More on the project:

Self-determined mobility for customers with disabilities enabled by vehicles with driving aids reaching...

...from steering aids over hand control units to entry and exit aids.

New digital services as value-add to accessible mobility.