The moovel project was piloted by Lab1886 in 2012. moovel then integrated the offers of various mobility service providers and is still open to all providers of urban mobility today. The involvement of many partners was a central element in its creation. That is true within Daimler AG too – for the development of moovel, competencies from the corporate units IT, Financial Services and Strategy were brought together under the moderation of Lab1886, the Daimler lab for innovative business models.

The moovel Group has set itself the goal of simplifying mobility in the city. moovel offers new ways to connect the urban mobility ecosystem with our three complementary products: moovel app, moovel transit and moovel on-demand. The moovel app is the world’s first mobility app, which allows you to search, book, and pay for different mobility options in one application. At moovel, we aim to discover how new technologies will affect the way we move tomorrow and connect the ever-changing state of urban transportation.

An urban mobility company making cities smarter.

Our portfolio

The moovel app: search, book and pay with a single app

moovel transit: advanced mobile ticketing for agencies

moovel on-demand: routing & pooling software-platform

moovel - simplifying urban mobility

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