Volocopter is the global leader in the development of electrical vertical take-off and landing multicopters (eVTOL) as air taxis to help congested cities to address their increasing mobility challenges. The technical platform is extremely flexible and permits piloted, remote controlled, and fully autonomous flight. In addition, the unique design offers unprecedented degrees of safety based on the high level of redundancy in critical components.

As early as 2011 the company made aviation history, launching the manned flight of the world’s first purely electrical multicopter. Since then, the start-up has set new milestones: in 2016 Volocopter obtained provisional licensing for a two-seater Volocopter from the German aviation authorities, and showcased the first ever autonomous flight of an urban air taxi in Dubai in 2017. Daimler and Intel are among the investors in the company. By participating in the start-up, Lab1886 will support the development of innovative mobility products and services and also gain insights into the new mobility segment in the third dimension. In short: the dream of driving becomes the dream of flying.

The Story of Volocopter & Lab1886

Learn more: www.volocopter.com

“The best way to predict the future is to invent it.”

“Urban air mobility on demand.”

“Reinventing urban mobility.”

PLEASANTLY QUIET: Incredibly quiet incorporating state-of-the-art components that optimize the acoustic signature.

ELECTRIC: No combustion engine. No fuel. No local emissions. 100% electric.

A REALITY TODAY: The world’s first multicopter with a preliminary certificate for manned flight.

SAFE: Volocopter complies with stringent German safety standards.

AUTONOMOUS: The Volocopter can fly autonomously or can easily be operated.

GERMAN ENGINEERING: Perfection. Safety. Reliability. Made in Germany.