News12. August - By Lab1886

Recap: Lab1886 China Truck Tour

On July 9, Lab1886 completed the last stop of the Lab1886 China Truck Tour. Since June 12, the china initiate team has been on a 25,000 kilometers journey to visit the country’s most vibrant cities and to connect and inspire thousands of visitors.

The team kicked off the tour as part of the fifth mass innovation and entrepreneurship week at their first stop: Beijing. After a classic Chinese ceremony opening, Lab1886 provided experiences for visitors such as garage DIY games and fireside talks, covering the most significant topics of the tech industry.

From Beijing, the transformed Mercedes-Benz Actros was headed towards Hangzhou to visit the Daimler Hangzhou Parts Distribution Center and talk to 80 local colleagues about their understanding of business opportunities and challenges.

On June 22, the roadshow was headed to China’s dynamic city of Shanghai, followed by Chengdu and Shenzhen to present projects, initiatives and people.

With the overall goal to encourage the realization of innovation with the Chinese innovation community, the team covered three major topics: “consumption trend”, “cross border internet”, and “5G era” embedded in the four modules “Inspiration”, “Incubation”, “Intergration” and “Invention”.

In the course of the roadshow the team was able to stage 36 sessions and reach 18,000 innovators as well as over 5,000+ people offline, including members of the government, start-ups, universities and corporates.  Get some impressions of the tour below: